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Click on the link above and scroll down to the game CALCIO Che passione! Click on "Vai!" Choose Donald or Mickey. Bounce the ball on any part of the player's body as many times as you can. Count outloud with your child in Italian as they see how many points they can earn and if they can break their own record! "Falo rimbalzare senza toccare il suolo!"
Don't let it touch the ground!

There is a similar game in the style of Pong.

Canzone dei numeri 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

We sing this song together as each child are assigned to represent a number from 1-10. Count by showing your fingers starting with the index finger as 1.

For number seven point to your eyes 1,2 your ears 3,4, your nose 5, your mouth 6, and circle your face 7.

For 10 someone hides the number 10 behind their back and we have to find it. "Dove' il dieci!!" "Non si trova." "Where is the ten? We cannot find it!"

__Un Cono Gelato
Right click to print as many ice cream cones as you can count. Color them, Cut them out, then Tape them to a popscicle stick and count them again!
Scatola a Gioco di Dado

Right click and print the box template provided. Color it, cut it out, and tape it together.

"Gettalo!" Roll the die. Say the number. The roller will then do any action that number of times. Everyone must then copy the action, the same amount of times, while counting outloud.

Make two "DADI" and add all the way up to eleven - "undici" and twelve "dodici" at home!!!!


Rane e Rospi

Choose any of the Frogs or Toads and count the number of amphibians that appear!

When touching the last frog or toad the screen will return to home where you may make another selection.

This game is used with a life size game board. The learners will count the number and then find and stand on the corresponding number on the floor mat. The object is to get to the other end of the "Pallude" where the "rane e rospi" live!