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!Bambini Italiani!

It's never too early to learn a foreign language!





Did you know?
Statistics have proven that children who learn a second language during their formative years will be more apt to learn additional languages and with greater ease later on in life?

During this time in your child’s development he or she can acquire many languages through native-like exposure. As you may have already witnessed with your own child, they love to experiment with sounds, words, and phrases when they play, and enjoy hearing songs and stories.

Help your child take advantage of this crucial stage of development and give them the chance to explore and expand their language and communication skills. Not only will this experience increase your child’s knowledge of Italian but it will help them to develop an appreciation of and exposure to many different world cultures .

The activities in which your child will participate are specially geared towards children ages 3-8 to through the use of songs, games, art projects centered around everyday activities all in Italian!

In addition, all participants including parents will have access to the !Bambini Italiani! Website including links to several activity areas intended to reinforce and engage learners of all ages.

*All courses are two hours per session include and end of the year exposition for parents and students.





Una Passeggiata



10:30 – 12:30


13 Weeks


September 23rd – December 16th


*please provide a healthy snack for our midway break















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